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Here at Skills driving school, we teach students to become safe and responsible drivers. Our instructors are highly trained, friendly, professional, and are able to inspire confidence in their students.

Students need to have a valid Virginia Learner’s Permit, and need to have completed the classroom portion of Driver’s Education (online option is also available). The student must also have driven 45 hours with a parent or adult over 21.

In the state of Virginia, students are required to receive seven 50-minute of driving sessions and seven 50-minutes of sessions observing other students. Usually theses sessions are completed in 7 days, seven days doesn’t have to be consecutive.

Skills driving school will take the road test. All students under the age of 18 are required to take the Behind-the-Wheel course, which includes the Road Skills Test on the last day (7th session) of instruction.

If your child has met the following requirements, then he/she will be issued a Provisional Drivers License:

Pass the Road Skills Test; Held Learner’s Permit for a minimum of 9 months;  Parent has signed the student’s PDL.

The PDL, only when paired with the child’s Learner’s Permit, gives the student the right to drive for 180 days.  Within that time period, the child will receive a notice from the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court with a date to appear in court and the student will receive his/her physical license from the presiding judge.

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