Herndon driving school

Driver Improvement Course Online

  • Insurance Premiums Discount

  • Safe Driving Points

  • Court Requirements for some violations

  • Completely Online
  • 8 Hours Self-paced Class

The Virginia DMV driver improvement course is a program designed to help drivers improve their driving skills and knowledge. The course is typically taken by individuals who have been ordered by a court to complete it after receiving a traffic violation, or by drivers who want to earn safe driving points or get a discount on their auto insurance premiums.

The course covers a range of topics such as defensive driving techniques, traffic laws and regulations, and how to avoid accidents. It is offered both online and in-person, and successful completion of the course usually results in a certificate of completion that can be presented to the court or insurance company as proof of completion.

Driver improvement course is 8 hours, self-paced and  completely online. You take it according to your on schedule and finish in one session or multiple sessions. We will email the certificate once you successfully complete the course. Use the following button to enroll online.